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Budget-Friendly Bathroom Organization

Organizing your bathroom is no small chore, and trying to do it on a budget is even trickier. Even if adding a new storage closet to your bathroom isn’t in the financial cards right now, there are still some budget-friendly organization hacks you can do to make your bathroom neater and more efficient. Here are some of our favorites.


This is our number one tip for any organization project. Your space will be so much easier to organize if it isn’t full of things you don’t need. Start by taking everything out of your bathroom cabinets and drawers. As you do so, throw away anything that you haven’t used in a while. Having a hard time? Here’s a hint: if you forgot you even had it, or you bought it more than three months ago and it’s still full, or you’ve bought something else to replace it, you don’t need it anymore. Still struggling to let go? Follow the 20-20 rule: if it’s something you could replace in 20 minutes for $20 or less, toss it. If you change your mind, it’ll be easy to replace.

Buy a Secondhand Cabinet or Shelving Unit

Buying a brand new furniture piece might not be possible on a budget, but you can probably find something much cheaper secondhand. Make sure you take measurements of your space beforehand (to make sure your new piece will fit). With a good scrubbing (and a coat of paint if you’re the crafty type), an old piece of furniture can work wonders when it comes to adding organization options to your bathroom.

Install Floating Shelves

Got unused wall space in your bathroom? Wooden floating shelves can be made relatively cheaply, and can add a lot of storage options to a room. Use your new shelf space to store linens, spare toiletries, or extra rolls of toilet paper.

Repurpose a Hanging Shoe Organizer

Over the door shoe organizers are great not only for storing shoes in your closet, but for storing a variety of things in your bathroom. One hung over your bathroom door could easily hold a hair dryer, hair straightener, several brushes/combs, hair accessories and products, razors, shaving cream, toothpaste, etc. You could also hang one on your shower rod (between the decorative curtain and the liner) for storing spare soap and shampoo, bath toys, washcloths, or other things.

Repurpose Bins, Boxes, and Jars

If you’re looking for small storage for your bathroom, you may not have to look any further than your closet, pantry, or garage. It’s easy to repurpose small containers (think: mason jars, shoes boxes, baby food jars, shipping boxes) to house small items in your bathroom, like cotton swabs, makeup and makeup brushes, toothbrushes and toothpaste, medicine, and more.

Contain the Clutter

For larger items that won’t fit in your small storage solutions, look for larger boxes or baskets to help you contain the mess. If you don’t already have some, they can usually be found at dollar stores or thrift stores to help keep costs down. Make sure you find things that will fit inside your cabinets or closets. Use these storage solutions to keep things looking tidy, even if you’re storing a lot of different items.
Organizing your bathroom on a budget can be a fun and fulfilling project. With some creativity, you can create a space that is both functional and beautiful.
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