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Designing Your Dream Closet—and Making It a Reality

Close your eyes and imagine your dream closet. It probably has plenty of space, clever storage options, and a pair of shoes for every outfit, right? Well, we can’t really help you with the shoes, but we are here to help you make some small tweaks to your current closet to bring it just a little bit closer to the closet of your dreams.
Here are some steps you can take to start designing your closet, and ways you can implement those ideas to make your own closet just a little more dreamy.

Take Inventory

Before you can make any meaningful changes to your closet, you need to know your starting point. Take a look inside your closet and make note of what’s working and what’s not. Try asking yourself these questions:

  • – Does anything in my closet not have a home or place where it belongs?
  • – What is the most annoying thing about getting dressed in the morning?
  • – Is there anything you don’t wear often, ONLY because you can’t find or see it?
  • – Is there anything you don’t wear often, EVEN THOUGH you can find or see it?
  • – How’s the floor space? Are there piles of clothes/shoes?
  • – Is there anything in your closet you’d like to keep somewhere else?

Be honest, or even brutal, with your answers. This is an important first step when it comes to making changes to your closet.

Clear it Out

It’s easiest to start with a clean slate, so for this next step, take absolutely everything out of your closet.

Sort it Out

With everything out of the closet, sort through it all and make a few piles. Use your answers to the above questions to help you get rid of things you don’t want to keep in your closet. Add those to a donate or recycle box. Next, clear out clothing, shoes, and accessories you don’t wear often. Be honest! It will do you (and your closet) no good to keep pieces you never wear. Finally, categorize the remaining items. Your categories might look like this:

  • – Cold weather clothing
  • – Warm weather clothing
  • – Shoes
  • – Accessories
  • – Socks and underwear

    Add More Storage

    Use your answers from step 1 to identify possibilities for adding storage to your closet, whether that’s by adding shelves, a shoe rack, another hanging rod (a tension shower curtain rod works well for this), or an over-the-door organizer. You could also try adhesive hooks on the walls to hang bags, scarves, or other accessories; this is a great space-saving hack! Your ultimate goal is to make a place for everything, so base your decisions off of what you have and what you need more room for.

    Make it Pretty

    If we like the way a space looks, we are more likely to work to keep it that way. This holds true for closets. Add a little something to your closet to make it visually pleasing. You could paint, add wallpaper, buy matching storage boxes/baskets, or get matching hangers for all your clothes. These small touches will give you a sense of pride in your closet, and help you stay motivated to keep it looking nice.

    Put it Back

    Now that you’ve maximized your space and minimized your “stuff,” it’s time to put it all back! Be deliberate about where you put things. The things you use most often, you’ll want to be the most accessible. Off-season items can be packed away to save even more space. Put things away nicely to keep things aesthetically pleasing.
    It may not look exactly like the closet of your dreams, but these steps can help you create a closet that is more functional, more beautiful, and more like the closet you’ve always wanted!
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