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Easy Habits for a Cleaner Home

Staying on top of housework is no small task. It seems like dishes, toys, clothes, and odds and ends appear out of nowhere, cluttering up your floors, counters, and corners. If you had all day to spend picking up and putting away, you might be able to keep up. But chances are, you actually have a life, which means that the housework gets left behind sometimes.
If you’re as busy as we are, but still want to keep your house relatively clean, we’re here for you. We’ve come up with a few easy habits that will help you keep your house in order without having to sacrifice a ton of time to do it. These habits are easy to adopt, and while they may seem simple, the effect will add up over time to produce a cleaner, more welcoming home.

One in, one out.

Every time you add something to your home, take something out. This rule is commonly applied to closets—that is, when you buy a new piece of clothing, choose an old one to get rid of. However, it can really be applied to any category of your belongings: toys, kitchen gadgets, bakeware, spices, linens, toiletries, home decor, etc. This helps you avoid that moment when you look around and wonder, “Where did all this come from?” To keep it even simpler, designate a “donate” box that you can use to keep the things you’re getting rid of until you’re ready to drop them off at a donation center.

Throw it away, right away.

Papers are a big source of mess and clutter in homes, and junk mail is the biggest source of excess paper. Instead of throwing the junk mail on the counter to deal with later, deal with it right away! It takes just a few seconds to sort the good from the bd and dump the bad in the recycle bin. Better yet, set up a recycle bin just outside your door, so you can throw away the junk on the way inside and it never makes it in the house.

5 minute cleanups.

Sometimes, getting started is the hardest part when it comes to cleaning. But if you knew you were only going to do it for five minutes, wouldn’t it be a little easier to get started? Set a timer for five minutes, clean as hard as you can for those five minutes, and then stop when the time is up. You’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in a short amount of time. And chances are, you can squeeze a five minute cleaning session into your day.

Set a schedule.

Are you the calendar type? Schedule your cleaning like you would schedule anything else. Look at your schedule and determine what open blocks of time you have to clean. Then divide the housework up evenly over the week. You might end up folding laundry on Saturday afternoons, or vacuuming carpets every Tuesday morning. Find what works for you and adjust as needed.

Try the basket method.

Put a basket in each room of your house (hidden away somewhere, if needed). When you come across something in that room that doesn’t belong, put it in the basket. It’s an easy step that will keep your rooms more tidy. When the basket is full, or you have a spare minute, carry it around and put the things away in their proper places.
Keeping your home neat and tidy can feel overwhelming, but these simple habits might be able to help. Try them out and let us know what you think!
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