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How Important is Storage Insurance?

As you consider using a self-storage unit to keep your possessions safe and readily available, there are a few important things to think about. Besides location, cleanliness and safety, you should also definitely consider storage insurance. Just as you would insure other valuables in your life, such as cars, jewelry, and electronics, it is equally as important to insure items in storage.
The items you are choosing to store must be of some value to you or you would probably be getting rid of them, right? Storage insurance gives you that peace of mind you need to know that your items are protected at all times.
An ideal self-storage experience would start and finish with no troubles, no accidents, no dropped boxes and no shifting of items in boxes while in storage. However, accidents do happen and it’s better to have prepared for the worst instead of finding yourself with damaged items that cannot be replaced because you don’t have insurance. It is an extra step, but it could be one of the most important steps you take when using self-storage.
People are often surprised to learn just how simple and inexpensive self-storage insurance can be. The first step is to check with your existing homeowners or rental insurance policies and find out if there is already a provision in your coverage that addresses items in storage.  It’s important to remember that with renter’s insurance that covers off-site storage, the deductible is usually around $1,000, while the deductible for insurance at a self storage facility is as low as $100.
If you can’t find anything already in your policy, take a minute to call your insurance provider and find out what it would take to add storage coverage. These types of add-ons may only cost you a few extra bucks a month, but will allow you to store your valuables with confidence.
When it comes to cleanliness and safety, Cactus Self-Storage is second to none. Still, we cannot control accidents. As mentioned before, some items can shift and move while sitting in storage. You may think you have a box packed just right, but then open it later to discover that its contents were damaged. Or a box can give way over time allowing whatever might be on top of it to fall or spill. We recognize that many people while moving, are in between homes and do not have homeowner’s insurance which makes the tenant insurance that we offer a good way to keep your items safe for less than $8 a month.
If you are planning on keeping items in storage for the long run, having insurance is especially important. You might find that you need to access your items from time to time during the duration of your contract. Even the smallest changes or moving of stacked boxes, for example, can trigger a chain reaction that you won’t know about until it’s too late.
Be sure to protect your items in storage by always having them insured. If you’re not sure if you need insurance, contact Cactus Self-Storage today at 623-487-1667. We’re happy to offer our advice based on what it is you will be storing with us.

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