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How Many Boxes Do I Need for My Move?

If you’re moving, you’ve probably figured out already that you’re going to need a lot of boxes. But you’ll save yourself a lot of time and headache if you can figure out exactly how many boxes you need before you go stock up.
So just how many boxes do you need? We’re here to help you figure it out. There are online packing calculators that can give you a good guess, but those will not be as accurate as doing it yourself, since they don’t take into account the size of your rooms or the amount of stuff you store. Here are our best pointers for deciding how many boxes you’ll need for your move.

Do some research.

Do you know what a small moving box will hold? What about medium, large, and extra large boxes? Do you know about wardrobe boxes, or mirror boxes? Having a good idea about your options, and what sorts of things will fit into each box, will help you as you try to decide how many boxes you need for your move.

Take it room by room.

Walk through each room of your house. Open every cupboard and drawer, and estimate how many small, medium, or large boxes it would take to pack those things up. No need to track all of your belongings; just a running tally of small, medium, and large boxes will do.
Some things to keep in mind as you go through this process:
– You don’t want to overpack boxes, especially with “hard” or fragile items that could be damaged during the move.
– You’ll want to factor in padding and packing materials. Bubble wrap and packing paper will take up extra space!
– Heavy or fragile items should be packed in the smallest box possible.
– Large items (especially linens) will take up more space than you think, and should be packed in larger boxes.
– Most homes need more small and medium boxes than large and extra-large ones.
– Using wardrobe boxes for hanging clothes will save you time, but they are more expensive than traditional boxes.

Get more than you think you need.

Once you have tallied up how many of each size box you think you’ll need, you should probably add a couple more of each size to your totals, just in case. You can always return what you don’t use, especially if you buy from a local store, rather than online.

Ask around.

Friends or family may have extra boxes you can use. As long as they’re in decent shape, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t save a little money this way! You could also consider asking local businesses if they have any extra shipping boxes lying around. Once you collect from anyone that is willing to give you some boxes, you can figure out how many more you need to buy.
Once you’ve gone through these steps, you’re ready to go buy the boxes you need for your move. If you’ve put the time into making a smart estimate, you’ll probably have no trouble with the number of boxes you end up with for your move. Good luck!
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