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How to Help Your Kids Transition to a New Home

When your family is moving, there are a lot of changes in store, and your new house is just the beginning. Especially if you’re moving to a new city or new part of town, you’ll be dealing with a new area, new stores, and new neighbors. And if you have kids, it’s even trickier, since they’ll be facing a new school and new friends.
For some kids, moving can be a very difficult transition. Here are a few things you can do to help the transition be just a little easier.

Keep important things at hand.

If younger kids have a security blanket or stuffed animal, make sure you don’t pack it away deep in a box somewhere. Keep it close at hand, or let your child pack it in a special bag of their own that they keep with them during the move.

Let them help you decorate.

Your kids will be more excited about their new room if they’re allowed to help decorate it. Ask for their help as you work to fill their new space.

Keep things familiar.

Whenever possible, try not to rock their world too much. Keep the same schedule you always have. Enroll them in similar activities. Make their favorite meal for dinner. Kids need stability, and you can provide that for them, even in a new place.

Set the example.

Express your excitement over your new home. While moving is often a frustrating experience in one way or another, try your best to focus on the positive when you’re talking to your kids. When they see you getting excited and having a good attitude, they’re more likely to do the same.

Meet your neighbors.

Take the time to introduce your family to your neighbors, and ask about other kids in the area. This might give your kids a head start on making friends, and could help you with arranging playdates in the future.

Talk it out.

Perhaps the most important thing you can do is also one of the simplest: talk to your kids. Ask them how they’re feeling, what they’re concerned about, and how you can help. Sometimes, just lending them an ear goes a long way.

Be patient.

Expect your kids to struggle with the move, and be as patient as possible with them and their behavior. Set appropriate rules and boundaries, be encouraging, and give them a little grace as they manage this tough transition.
Moving is a major event for parents and kids alike. Help the transition go more smoothly by following these tips, and you and your kids will be enjoying your new home in no time.
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