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How to Properly Pack Christmas Ornaments and Decor

How to Properly Pack Christmas Ornaments and Decor

Not many people like to think about the end of the holidays before they even begin. However, as we approach the end of the new year, it’s time to start thinking about packing away the lights and Christmas ornaments until next winter.

Packing and properly storing Christmas decorations isn’t on most top priority lists, but there’s nothing worse than breaking glass ornaments or having lights tangled in knots.

As the experts in moving and packing, we’ve nailed down the best ways to pack up holiday decorations. Whether you are packing for a move or the season, let’s do yourself a favor and do it right. It’ll save you time, money and major headaches when the holidays come around next year.

family decorating home with christmas statues

A fun part of Christmas is decorating your home with lights and ornaments.

Step 1: Gather your supplies

The first thing you need to do is stock up on supplies. Before you rush to the store, you might want to put everything down on a list. Think ahead, that’s the best way to plan. Instead of throwing piles of wrapping paper, why don’t you save that and use it as packing paper? You can use it as is or shred some to use it as filler for fragile ornaments. Reuse gift boxes and egg cartons to store smaller items.

Here are the essential items you will need:

  • Packing paper for wrapping up ornaments
  • Cardboard boxes or plastic bins for storage
  • Bubble wrap for that added protection
  • Ziplock bags to store small items such as ornament hooks
  • Tape and more tape
  • Marker for labeling boxes and decorations

Setting up your holiday decorations and ornaments should be a fun family activity, not something you are dreading. Sorting out ornaments before packing them away is one way to keep things organized and easier each year.

You can organize your ornaments in a few different ways:

  • By type: (i.e. garlands, outdoor, lights)
  • By display: (i.e. Christmas tree, mantle display)
  • By room: (i.e. family room, dining room)

The more you organize your ornaments and have proper storage, the easier it will be for you next year. You’ll know exactly where to find things and it will be neatly packed away with all of your other decorations.

Special care is needed when dealing with Christmas ornaments.

STEP 3: Take Extra Care of Fragile Items and Christmas Ornaments

There are certain items like Christmas ornaments that are more prone to damage than others. It’s important to take the extra precaution to avoid any mishaps down the road. Wrap these fragile items in bubble wrap or tissue before boxing them. Egg cartons make great storage containers for smaller items to hold them in place.

Lights and garlands can be tricky to pack away. You can either buy ready-made storage solutions or wrap them up in an old coffee can or piece of cardboard. Once secure, try using bubble wrap for more added protection.

STEP 4: Secure Your Decor in a Safe Place

Now that you’ve wrapped up your decor and ornaments, you’re ready to secure them in a safe location. Place them in large containers or boxes and pack them with shredded paper. Make sure everything is secure so nothing moves around easily.

Family memories are made each year and it’s important to keep your Christmas decor and ornaments in top shape.

STEP 5: Label All Storage Boxes and Containers

Just like with moving, it’s important to label the contents of each box. This will make finding those special ornaments easier in case you don’t want to sort through everything. Labeling also makes it easy to know which boxes are fragile and should be handled with care, especially for the movers.

Whether you have a picture of your last vacation or a stuffed snowman since childhood, holiday decor and ornaments hold special value. Christmas decorations or more than just decor, it’s memories of our past Christmasses with family and friends. The best part about packing everything carefully is knowing they’ll be there the same way you left it for next season.

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