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Top 5 Most Popular States Where Californians are Moving to

Top 5 Most Popular States Where Californians are Moving to

California is known for its beautiful weather, outdoor activities and rising opportunities. However, with the ideal living conditions, it has become the most populated state in America. Due to this, the cost of living has skyrocketed in the last decade, causing many residents to look elsewhere to live. So where are Californians moving to when leaving the state? Let’s take a look at the top 5 most popular states for Californians.

portland oregon is a beautiful state near california

Portland Oregon is an ideal location for wine and craft beer lovers.

#5 Oregon

At the $5 spot, Oregon takes the pie. Oregon has been a popular destination for Californians for the last decade and continues to attract young adults with it’s craft brews and job availability.

  • Portland is the largest city in Oregon and it’s about 15% cheaper than LA with no sales tax in the state.
  • There are lots of small towns to choose from if you’d like to settle in a quiet area. From snowcapped mountains, lakes and evergreen forests, there is always something to go explore in your backyard.
  • Oregon, like Washington, happens to be an environmentally friendly state with low carbon footprints.
  • Oregon has a popular art culture scene with plenty of live music and festivals. If you enjoy a frosty brew or glass of wine, Oregon has 200+ wineries and more craft breweries than anywhere else in the world.
  • Oregon does get on the chilly side, but its a far mild winter when compared to the midwest.

Las Vegas is just a short drive away from California which is why it has become a popular destination for The Golden State residents.

#4 Nevada

Nevada used to be #3 for the longest time and now has fallen back to 4th. Being so close to California it offers a similar climate and the cost of living is much less than the state next door.

  • Although the cost of living in Nevada is above the national average, it’s much less than Los Angeles.
  • Nevada makes most of its money from gaming and sales tax, so there is no personal income tax which is a plus.
  • Nevada is filled with more mountain ranges than any other state in the continental USA. It has over 30 ranges and 57 peaks taller than 11,000 feet, along with miles of hiking trails. It’s an outdoor dream.
  • Nevada has very little rainfall with only seven inches of rain each year.
Pike's Place Public Market in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is filled with plenty of fresh seafood and other good eats.

#3 Washinton

Washington comes in as the 3rd most popular state that Californians move to, and it is a very close 2nd to Arizona. Although Washington doesn’t have the sunny weather that Arizona and Texas provide, it does offer some inviting benefits to its residents.

  • The cost to live in Seattle, Washington is actually higher than LA, but it is offset by the lack of income tax.
  • Seattle’s job market is booming with many tech companies opening offices there. The minimum wage is also tied to inflation, so most jobs pay really well, above the national average.
  • Seafood lovers can rejoice – Washington has roughly 2,500 miles of marine shoreline with plentiful seafood options. If you’re into beer, they also a great selection of local and craft breweries.
  • The state of Washington ranks amongst the top 5 most environmentally-friendly states.
  • You don’t have to sacrifice the great outdoors as Washington is home to 60 state parks and hosts many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and mountain biking which are easily accessible just about anywhere in the state.

#2 Arizona

Arizona is the second most popular state for Californians to move to. Over 64,000 made the move to Arizona in 2016. Here’s why:

  • It’s just a short drive away from southern California, so you can get your Cali fix without much trouble.
  • The climate is rather warm like California. With fewer than 12 inches of rain a year and more than 200 days of sun, it’s a nice place to escape from the gloomy days.
  • The cost of living in Phoenix is 40% lower than it is in Los Angeles. The cost of living is also lower than the national average.
  • There no daylight savings. Say goodbye to changing your clocks twice a year!
  • There’s plenty do to outdoors. If you love golfing or hiking, you will be in paradise. There are also many sightseeing spots to visit such as the Grand Canyon and the Colorado River.
  • Like to relax? Take a trip to Scottsdale, as it is the LUxury Captial of the USA, with more spas per capita than any other place in the country.
downtown austin texas night scene

The downtown nightlife of Austin, Texas is busting with things to do.

#1 Texas

Texas is actually the second most populated state in America and it is the number 1 destination for Californians to look at. Through 2011 and 2013 Texas consistently had the highest number of Californians move to their state than any other state. It’s safe to say that Californians love sunshine and warm weather, and Texas is no exception. Here’s what makes Texas so appealing.

  • Texas has no personal income tax and no corporate tax. The cost of living in Texas is on the lower end, with housing costing 54% more expensive in California.
  • Austin, Texa’s capital city is #10 on Forbes’ list of the top 10 growing economies. This is largely due to the fact that many Bay Area Firms (including Google, Apple, and Oracle) have moved to Texas to escape taxes and high cost of living. Some even call Texas the new “Silicon Hills” as a node to the infamous Silicon Valley.
  • The climate is just like California, with average temperatures around 80-100 degrees in summer and winters are mild with usually no snow.
  • The cultural hubs are growing such as Austin which offers live music options and a lively entertainment scene. Texas has music for every different genre lover.
  • If fried food is your passion, Texas has it for you! And of course, the famous Texas BBQ is no joke. Indulge in the best ribs and steaks in the country.

That’s it for the top 5 states where Californians are moving to. If you had to pick, which state would be your top choice?

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