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How to Quickly Find Self Storage Around Me

How to Quickly Find Self Storage Around Me

Sometimes our life is laid out ahead of us, and other times, the unexpected things happen and we need to make quick decisions. Some of these life changes may be caused by an abrupt job change, college classes shutting down from the recent pandemic, or perhaps selling your home to move to a new part of town. Whatever your sudden change may be, here are some simple tips to help find what you need fast.

Know your basic storage unit features

It’s important to know that not all storage facilities are the same. Storage facilities in your hometown may offer various features that may or may not be vital to your storage needs. However, here are five basic features to look for after you decide on the size of unit needed.

  • Climate change is a feature that is important to areas with extreme temperatures and humidity levels. Electronics, especially, need to be stored in units that are near room temperature.
  • Security comes in a few forms, but the most valuable belongings need to be in a facility that has video surveillance, gated access, and onsite management.
  • 24-hour access is exactly like it sounds. You never know when you’ll need your stuff on the drop of a dime. This makes it very convenient.
  • Vehicle storage can help you store a car, boat, or RV in a fenced-in parking lot or covered spot for as long as you like. No need to worry about getting towed or broken into.
  • Short term leasing is available at most storage facilities, giving you storage space without a long-term contract.

If you have these basic features in mind, it will help you choose a storage facility that will store your items the best.

Use drive-up access for quick loading and unloading.

Another great feature, especially in warmer climates, is the drive up feature. For those items that are heavy or awkward to carry, this makes it much easier. With drive-up access, you can pull your car, truck or trailer directly to your unit for easy loading and unloading. For those times when you don’t have any help, makes your day so much easier when all you have to do is grab and item and set it down in the unit. No more walking long distances to unload items.

Find self-serve kiosks or an online portal if possible.

When facilities do offer 24-hour access, you may not always be able to complete the rental process without management present. To help the rental process go much faster, search for a storage facility where you can fill out your information online before arriving. This will help expedite the process because you can arrive and check in to your storage unit with very little waiting around.

How to quickly organize your storage unit

Once you found the right storage unit, it’s important to know a safe and organized way to store your belongings. Here are some key organization points to keep in mind:

  • Do not create one big pile. Don’t set all of your items in the middle of the floor. Organize your items on the walls first so you can access everything without tripping over boxes. With larger units, you can create aisles in the middle of your unit as well.
  • Stack items to a point. If you have boxes, we recommend stacking the heaviest boxes at the bottom so you don’t have accidental falls on yourself for the floor. Be sure to fill any voids or gaps with loose material such as blankets or clothes.
  • Label boxes. This is a must. It will help you when you need to come back and find an item. The worst thing is having to open boxes because you forgot where you put everything.

Moving is rarely easy, and having to store all your stuff can be quite hectic. If you find yourself in these situations, these tips will make things go much smoother.

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