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Moving Must-Haves: The Materials You Need for a Successful Move

Got a big move coming up? Moving can be a big hassle that takes a lot of time, energy, and careful planning. Take a little bit of the hassle away by making sure that you have all the right materials you’ll need for a quick and easy move.
Here’s our list of the best moving must-haves that you’ll need for your move to go as smoothly as possible.


Obviously, you’ll need moving boxes. But it’s not quite that simple. You need to know how many boxes you need, and in what sizes. Before you head out to buy your boxes, take a quick inventory of your home. Walk through each room of your house, actually looking at all of your possessions. Keep in mind that heavier items, like books and fragile dishes, should be moved in small boxes that are easier to carry. Lighter items, like linens and clothing, can be stored in larger boxes. Keep track of how many boxes of each size you think you’ll need to pack up each room. When in doubt, guess high!
Also, keep in mind that there are some specialty boxes that could help make your move easier, including boxes with a built in hanging rod that allow you to move clothing without removing it from its hanger. These can save you time, but they’re also more expensive to purchase. You’ll have to decide if they’re worth the investment!

Packing Tape.

Make sure you are using a tape that is designed for packing or shipping (or storage, if you’re planning on keeping some things in long term storage). Don’t try to get away with using duct tape, masking tape, or some other cheaper alternative. Remember: the tape is holding your boxes together, and your boxes are holding all your possessions! For boxes that will be carrying heavy or fragile items, you might even consider double taping, for extra strength.

Packing Paper.

It make seem superfluous, but packing paper can really help you out when it comes to packing fragile items like dishes and glasses. If you want to be extra careful, you can wrap each piece, but at the very least, use the paper to pack around the edges of the box to prevent your fragile items from sliding around and bumping into each other. Packing paper is fairly inexpensive and will make a big difference in your move, so don’t hesitate to get some!

Thick Markers.

It’s very important to make sure your boxes are labeled properly for your move. That said, you don’t need to write down every single item in the box in order to label effectively. In fact, the most important information to have on the box is the room the box needs to end up in at your new home. This will allow you or your movers to at least get the box to its correct location, making unpacking easier for you later. To label your boxes, get a very thick, dark colored marker that will be easy to read. If you want to save your boxes for future use, consider writing the labels on pieces of masking tape that be easily removed or covered.

A Big Truck.

As you’ve thought about moving, you’ve probably thought to yourself, “We don’t have that much stuff.” Most people think that, and most people are wrong. You’ll be surprised how much “stuff” you have, from furniture to clothing to knick-knacks. Play it safe and get a bigger moving truck than you think you’ll need. You’ll probably need every inch of the space!
Hopefully this gives you a good idea of the materials you’ll need to have a successful move. One more tool that many people need for a move is a great storage unit. If you’re looking for one, check out Arizona Storage Centers. With storage facilities in Phoenix, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, and Deer Valley, we offer a wide variety of unit sizes that are sure to meet your storage needs. Give us a call at 480-386-6022 to get started with your own storage unit.

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