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Moving on a Budget: What you Need to Know

Moving is an exciting time, but it can also be an expensive one. When you move to a new space, you’ll have to buy moving supplies (lots of boxes and tape, people!), pay for a moving truck or professional movers, and maybe even take time off work to move. You also might need to buy new furniture or decor for your new home, adding on to the already expensive experience.
Looking for some ways to save money during a move? We’ve got some suggestions that can help.

Find used boxes

With a little searching, you might be able to find enough moving boxes that you can avoid buying any new ones of your own. Ask family and friends first; they may have some boxes you can borrow or have. Also consider asking local businesses; they often have boxes that they are looking to get rid of, or would otherwise just throw away.

Ask for help

Hiring professional movers making moving much more convenient, but also much more expensive. If you can, consider asking friends, family, or neighbors to help you pack and unpack instead. You may be able to find some great help at a great cost. If people do volunteer to help, make sure you “pay” them with plenty of drinks, food/snacks, and a returned favor when you get the chance.

Secondhand furniture

Need a new couch to fill that new room? Before you spend hundreds on a brand new couch, check out some local secondhand stores to see if there’s anything that might work for you. You can do this with any item of furniture (think: dining tables, chairs, coffee tables, end tables, and lamps) or even home decor (picture frames, faux plants, and more).

Have a garage sale

Getting rid of some of your stuff before you move means that you’ll have less to move, which results in fewer boxes and fewer man hours. Plus, you’ll get a little extra spending money for the new place!

Use what you’ve got

Get creative as you look for packing materials. You might be able to use blankets or other linens as padding for fragile items. If you’re running low on boxes, consider using trash bags or suitcases for transporting some items. Get creative and you just might be able to cut some costs

Shop around

When it comes to packing supplies, you might be able to get a better deal if you buy online. Take a few minutes to check out local sales, and compare them to online prices. Stick with the lowest price, but do your best not to skimp on quality; you want your belongings to arrive in one piece!
Together, these tips can help you as you try to move on a tight budget. With a little ingenuity, you’ll be able to save some money as you move into your new home.
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