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Moving Supplies That Are Commonly Overlooked

Now that moving day is here, it’s time to take inventory of the supplies you’ve prepared to help make the move go as smoothly as possible. You’ve got your boxes, your tape and maybe even a dolly, but you still feel like maybe you’re forgetting something.
It’s sometimes difficult to remember everything you will need to have on hand when you’re moving, especially when your mind has been focused on packing everything away. Here we list a few items that can be helpful when moving that are often forgotten or overlooked.

Tape Measure

As you start to move your sofas, dressers or any other large piece of furniture either out of your old home or into your new one, a tape measure can come in handy. Being able to measure a doorway or window and compare it to the dimensions of the furniture can help you negotiate corners and edges easier and avoid damage to your items. If you don’t plan ahead to have a tape measure on hand, you may find yourself frantically searching through boxes and tool bins to find one.

Fresh Markers

Labeling boxes with their contents helps the unloading team know what part of the house they should go to. It also helps you to easily identify and find items that may be needed sooner than later once you have arrived at your new home. While many people plan on labeling their boxes as they go, they may find themselves relying on the markers found around the house that don’t have much life left to them. Nothing is more frustrating than trying to use a marker that is running out of ink or has dried out. Be sure to have some new markers on hand.

Extra Garbage Bags

It’s not uncommon to come across items that you are ready to get rid of as you begin packing your house up. When you know that you are either going to donate or throw out these items, you may not want to use a box, especially if a heavy-duty trash bag will do the job. Hang onto boxes for the items that will be making the move with you. Having extra trash bags on hand can be helpful in many different ways, including for any trash that accumulates during the move or for small items that didn’t make it into a box.
If you are planning on storing any of your possessions in a storage unit, we highly recommend that you use strong sturdy boxes with packing tape and that these boxes are clearly labeled. This will make a big difference.
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