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Moving to Phoenix? Here are 10 Things You Should Know

If you’re moving to Phoenix, or any of its surrounding cities—welcome! As longtime inhabitants of the Valley of the Sun, we’re happy to have you. And we’re happy to share with you a few insider tips on moving to, and living in, this amazing area. Here are ten things you should know about moving to the Phoenix area.

It’s hot.

Okay, so you probably already know this. But let’s just be perfectly clear right from the beginning—it’s really hot. Triple digits are the norm in the summer (which often extends from May to September), and temps over 110 are not uncommon. The record high in Phoenix is 122 degrees. Even in the spring and fall, temperatures stay in the 80s and 90s pretty consistently.

But it’s a dry heat.

You’ll hear this as an excuse from Arizona natives a lot—as if it makes the 116 degree days more bearable. Arizona gets very little rainfall all year long, making it dry rather than humid.
Everyone gets really excited about rain. Because 87 percent of the year is full of sunshine, Arizonans get really excited when they do get the occasional rainfall. (Of course, they also have kind of a hard time driving in the rain, but we won’t get into that.)

Watch out for haboobs.

Yes, you read that right. A “haboob” is basically a giant dust storm that can come on very quickly and be very intense. It can severely limit visibility, and because of the high winds, it can cause some real damage. These storms are most common during monsoon season, from mid-June through September.

The Mexican food is good.

Very good. People that move away from Phoenix often mourn the loss of decent Mexican food on every corner. There are so many great places, from hole in the wall shops to swankier restaurants. Your cup (of salsa) runneth over.

Cacti are the new trees.

There are actually plenty of trees, bushes, and flowers that will survive the Phoenix climate, but your best bet for low maintenance landscaping is cacti. These plants thrive in the desert and will be extremely easy to care for. Also, keep an eye out for cacti in public places; they’re everywhere, and it would be easy to walk right into one if you’re not careful.

There are some unfriendly critters.

Most places have their share of nasty, local creatures, and Phoenix is no exception. The most common is probably scorpions, which could like your backyard just as much as they like the open desert. Keep an eye out for them; their stings usually aren’t dangerous, but they will, well, sting!

A/C will become a necessity of life.

If you don’t have central air conditioning in your home now, you will in Phoenix! It’s a standard in Phoenix homes, and you’ll be grateful for it every day! A/C can also be found in other uncommon places, like storage units and Chase Field (the baseball stadium).

You can drive just about anywhere.

Public transportation is available in Phoenix, but most people do not use it. The freeway system can get you anywhere you want to go fairly quickly, getting you from one extreme end of the Valley to the other in about an hour.

There’s something for everyone.

If you’re imagining Phoenix as a dusty cowboy town straight out of the Wild West, think again. Phoenix is full of high class dining, entertainment, and shopping options. Museums, family activities, water parks, hiking opportunities, and more are easy to find in Phoenix.
Whatever your reason for moving to Phoenix, we hope these ten tips will help you be prepared for life in your new home. Welcome to Phoenix!
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