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Need a Place to Store Your Boat?

There’s nothing better than heading to a nearby lake with your boat on hot summer’s day. With so many neighboring lakes in the vicinity, Phoenix is a great place to own a boat. Many lakes are just a short drive away making them easy and convenient to access.
What isn’t so convenient is storing a boat. You can’t park a boat just anywhere. They are often not allowed to be parked in many deed-restricted communities. Apartment parking lots aren’t usually set up to park boats, either. You may be able to park one in your driveway or yard if you have a house, but you’ll have to a security system in place and keep a close eye on it whenever you can, because boats are subject to theft when left out in the open in an unsecured place. Also, storing them at a marina can be very expensive.
If you are looking for a place to keep your boat in between trips to the lake, consider Cactus Self Storage. We offer convenient, safe and easy to use spaces to accommodate boats. Here are just a few of the benefits of storing your boat with us.

Safe and Secure

Not only is our facility gated requiring a gate code to get in and out, but we also have our boat and auto storage towards the back of our property behind all of the storage units. Boat spaces are large to avoid contact with other vehicles. You can rest assured that your boat will be safe from theft or damage.


Your boat will always be easy to access and quick to pick up when it’s time to hit the lake. We make it simple for you to get in and out. On the flip side, when your day at the lake is over, you’ll want to be able to quickly drop your boat off so you can get home for rest and relaxation. Boat owners love the convenience of having their boat in a place they can get to easily and whenever they want to.

Avoid Extra Costs

As we mentioned before, unless you are able to store your boat at home, it can be quite expensive to store a boat at a marina at the lake or even in some other boat storage facilities. As a boat owner, you are already aware of the expenses that come with ownership. You can avoid high costs of storage by choosing Cactus Self Storage.
To learn more about boat storage at our facility, give us a call at 480-386-6022.

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