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New Year’s Organization Resolutions

As we ring in the New Year, many of us will reflect on how we can make life better this year, including how to keep our homes more neat and organized. This sometimes feels like a never-ending goal. Just when we feel we’re reached a new level of organization, something new will come up in life that forces us to re-focus our efforts.


Still, there are some basics when it comes to organizing that can make a big difference. If you’re contemplating your New Year’s goals for an organized home, consider the following ideas:


Organize Your Closet


Most of us seem to have a love-hate relationship with our closet and it seems to depend on the day. There’s nothing better than a clean and well-organized closet while a closet that looks like a tornado hit is sure to cause extra stress. Make it a resolution to get your closet good and organized once and for all. Take the time to find a place for everything so there’s no clutter or loose items. You’ll likely find that it doesn’t take quite as long as you initially anticipated to get things in order.


In The Kitchen


There’s a chance you may have seen something on Pinterest or even a Home Depot commercial on how you can better organize your kitchen cabinets or pantries. While some of your kitchen may be already organized just exactly as you would like it, chances are there are other areas that need some major help. This year, make it a point to get your kitchen pantry and cabinets organized so they are functional and efficient.


Out In The Garage


Many people have found that their garages have slowly transformed from a place to keep their cars to a giant storage closet. A garage can easily become a catchall, where all of the stuff we don’t know where to keep ends up. On the other hand, a well-kept and organized garage can make a huge difference in keeping the entire house more organized. Make some time this year to really stop and focus on your garage. Clear out clutter, organize tools and re-think what you store there and how.


Additional Storage


You might find that you have lots of stuff both in your home and in the garage that takes up too much space, but you aren’t ready to get rid of yet. In that case, consider a clean and secure storage unit that you can easily access. This will help free up space around the house and allow you to hang on to your belongings until you need them.


Having a self-storage unit at Gilbert Self Storage might be just the ticket for keeping your home clean and organized this year. You’ll be surprised at the burst of energy you get from a clean and organized home! Call us today to learn more about the many storage options we offer – 480-386-6022.


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