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Planning on Moving to Phoenix? What You Should Know…

Whether you’re moving to Phoenix for a job relocation, retirement or to get out of the cold weather, there are few things you should probably know. Those from the outside often describe Phoenix as a sort of oasis in the desert, the miracle of the southwest where you will find a sprawling and vibrant city amidst the dry and harsh climate.
Also known as the Valley of the Sun, Phoenix has much to offer and continues to draw visitors and new residents year after year. To help you better prepare for your move to Phoenix, here are is what you should know:

It’s Big!

People are often surprised to see just how big Phoenix really is. If you count the several inter-connecting suburbs of Phoenix, you’re looking at over 517 square miles. Not only does Phoenix cover a large area, but the neighborhoods and communities are also very spread out. If you’re coming from a city on the east coast, be prepared to find yourself in need of a car in order to get around conveniently.

It’s Hot in the Summer!

Temperatures in the summer can reach well above 110 degrees in the Phoenix area. It’s also a very dry heat, meaning there is very little humidity. This can be a bit of a surprise for people who have lived through summers in other cities where it can be very humid. Also, the heat seems to stick around long after the sun goes down so you may want to find a place that has a pool so you can cool off. Knowing that you’ll be dealing with this type of heat, it’s also good to watch the weather forecast and plan your move accordingly to avoid the hottest days if possible.

It’s Centrally Located

One of the best things about living in Phoenix is that you are never far away from the mountains or the beach. A short drive to the northeast will bring you to the beautiful Tonto National Forest, a great place for hiking, fishing and camping. Just a little bit further and you will reach Sunrise Ski Resort, one of the two major snow skiing areas in Arizona.
If you’re looking for something on the ocean, San Diego is a short 5-hour drive to the west. In no time you can be enjoying the beach and the beautiful California weather.

No Daylight Savings

Phoenix is one of only a handful of cities in the U.S. that does not abide by Daylight Savings Time. For better or for worse, you should be aware of this so you are prepared when moving. Phoenix residents love the fact that there is no need to mess with our clocks once their set.
Overall you’ll love living in Phoenix! It truly is a remarkable and unique setting that is never short of experience and culture.
If you find yourself in need of storage for the extra items that made their way with you on your move, be sure to contact Cactus Storage at 480-386-6022 and find out about the many options we have available.

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