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Storage Ideas for Business

Many people are finding that a self-storage unit is not just for individuals and families, but also for businesses of all sizes. A storage unit can make sense for any business that has items they need to store and don’t want to clutter up their business location. At Arizona Storage Centers, we offer a wide variety of business storage solutions to match what businesses are looking for, whether they are in the process of expanding or simply looking to cutback on warehousing in their office.
Here are a few ideas on how your business might benefit from using a self-storage unit:
Do you own or manage a restaurant and find that you are constantly looking for space to store items such as extra linens, tables, chairs, or maybe even non-perishable foods? Everyone knows that restaurants can be tight places. Every available square inch should be used to allow more customers in. Using a storage unit can help free up space in your restaurant and allow you to stay more organized. You’ll have easy access to your items in a safe and well-protected facility.
Seasonal Business
Some businesses are much more busy during specific times of the year. They may, for example, need access to twice as much product during the holiday season of October through January than they do in the summer months. But paying for a larger retail space because of inventory that only gets sold for 3 or 4 months out of the year may not make sense financially. This is when a self-storage unit makes perfect sense. Safely store your inventory and save money on a smaller space for your business.
Keeping track of important records is an essential part of any business. There are some businesses that need to house quite a bit of paperwork for long periods of time. This might include attorneys, physicians, and accountants. The number of these documents can sometimes grow so large that it is impossible to store them all at the place of business. A self-storage unit might be the perfect solution. Keep your documents and files safe and easily accessible in storage facility that is managed day and night by resident facility managers. At Arizona Storage Centers, we offer climate-controlled units to keep your documents in good order.
Property Management
We have seen property managers use a self-storage unit for many different reasons, including storing staging furniture and maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers. There have been times when their tenant needs a short-term solution as they are moving in or out of the house you are managing. It’s always nice to have a storage unit close by to store items needed to keep your property looking great.
These are just a few examples of how businesses can use self-storage units to stay organized. If you own a business and have questions about the options available to you, call us at 480-386-6022. We’re more than happy to answer your questions.

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