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Store it for Summer: 4 Things You Can Put in Your Storage Unit this Season

With triple digits upon us, it’s official: summer has hit Phoenix. As you prepare to spend the next few months indoors as much as possible, it might be time to declutter your house a bit so things feel less crowded. And there’s no better place to put it all than in a storage unit! Get organized and ready for summer by moving these four things into your storage unit.

Winter clothing.

Winter clothing takes up a lot of space! Bulky coats, pants, boots, scarves, hats, sweaters…the list goes on. Instead of giving up valuable closet space for your winter clothing, or shoving it under the bed, put those clothing items in a storage unit for the season. They’ll be easy to get to when you need them in a few months, and you won’t have to use up any storage space in your home to keep them. Win win. (Tip: if you are traveling to any cooler destinations this summer, you might want to leave out a lightweight jacket or sweater to take with you.)

Holiday decorations.

Your holiday decorations are probably long gone by now (except for those artificial tree needles that stick around for months), but they might be taking up space in your garage, storage closet, or attic. Free up that real estate and make your home less cluttered by moving these decorations to a storage unit instead. It’ll be there waiting for you come November!

Winter recreational equipment.

Do you ski or snowboard in the winter? Then you probably have quite a bit of equipment related to those things lying around: boards, clothes, goggles, helmets, gloves, and more could be taking up room in your home. Move them to a storage unit for safe storage of these items all summer long. Bonus: as a Phoenix resident, you’re probably not going skiing every day in the winter, so you could just keep this equipment in your storage unit year round! Pick it up on your way out of town, and never worry about storing it at home again!

Dorm furnishings.

If you’re a college student, or you’ve got one coming home for the summer, a storage unit is the perfect place to store furniture, books, and other personal items until the fall. Keep everything safe and sound in a storage unit until it’s time to head back to school; everyone in the house will be happier for it!
Surviving the summer will be just a little easier if your home is more organized and clutter free. Keep everything you won’t need in a storage unit, and enjoy the extra space!
Looking for secure, convenient storage in the Phoenix area? Arizona Storage Centers can help you out. With locations in Phoenix, Glendale, Chandler, Deer Valley, and Gilbert, you’ll be able to find a facility close to home. We offer a wide variety of unit sizes so you can get just as much space as you need. Contact us today at 480-386-6022 to get started!

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