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Surviving Summer in Phoenix

Talk to any Phoenix native, and they’ll tell you just how great the winters are: mild and sunny, without a snow flurry in sight. Phoenix winters are the envy of the rest of country.
Summer, however, is another story.
In the Phoenix area, summer brings with it triple digit temperatures, turning cars into ovens, sidewalks into frying pans, and swimming pools into life savers.
Whether it’s your first summer in Arizona, or your fiftieth, you are probably already dreading the sweltering summer that lies ahead. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you survive the brutal heat.

Stay hydrated.

Phoenix’s heat is dry, and that, coupled with the high temperatures, is a recipe for dehydration. Drink plenty of water everyday—especially if you’re going to be spending any time outside (even in the shade or in a pool).

Wear sunscreen.

Those rays will get you fast! Wear sunscreen daily to protect your skin.

Park in the shade.

This is one time when shady parking spots are even better than close ones. Climbing into an unbearably hot car can be a pretty miserable experience. You’ll be surprised at how much difference the shade can make.

Wake up early.

If you really value your outdoor walks or runs, you’re going to need to turn into an early bird in the summer. Once the sun is up, the countdown to dangerous heat begins.

Manage your a/c strategically.

There’s no way you’ll make it through a Phoenix summer without a/c in your home, but there are ways to use it strategically. Consider investing in a smart thermostat to help you control when the a/c is working hardest, and check with your power company to see if there are any plans that give you better energy rates during off-peak hours.

Find indoor entertainment.

Movie theaters, shopping malls, museums, libraries…there are plenty of entertainment options in the Phoenix area that are blissfully air conditioned. Take advantage!


Yes, the Phoenix area is brutal, but there are plenty of cooler destinations just a few hours away. Flagstaff, for example, will give you a nice break from the extreme heat. If you’re willing to drive a little further, you can make it to a California beach or a Utah forest without too much trouble. Plan at least one short (or long) getaway this summer to give yourself a break from the triple digits.
We all love Phoenix for any number of reasons, but the summer heat typically isn’t one of them. Follow these tips to stay cool this summer, and remember—it will be October before you know it!
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