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Tips for a Smooth Moving Truck Unloading in the Summer

Unloading a moving truck in the middle of an Arizona summer can be quite a challenge. If you’ve never lived in the Phoenix area before, this is one move that you will probably never forget. Here are a few tips for a smooth moving truck unloading in the summer:

Do Your Best to Avoid the Heat

There are certain times of the summer when it may seem like it is impossible to avoid the heat altogether. Still, there are times of the day that are at least a few degrees cooler than the middle of the day. Plan your unloading for either the early morning hours or after the sun goes down. Look for shade to park in whenever possible; you might be surprised at what a difference it can make. Also, be sure to have a cooler of cold water close by as it’s extremely important to stay hydrated.

Dress Appropriately

If you know you’re going to be out in the heat for an hour or more at a time, you will definitely want to dress appropriately. Shorts and loose fitting tee shirts might be your best bet. Skip the sandals and flip-flops – you’ll want to wear closed toe shoes for protection. If you find that you will be out under the sun unloading your truck, then be sure to wear protective clothing and sunscreen.

What to do with Kids and Pets

Unloading a moving truck is not necessarily an easy job and you’ll want to be sure you can give it your full attention. Having kids or pets with you can be a distraction. Be sure to keep your kids occupied someplace safe and cool while you unload the truck. The best idea is to arrange for a sitter who can keep them entertained and out of your way. The same goes for dogs or cats – keep them somewhere safe and out of the heat. Whatever you do, don’t leave them in the cab of the truck while you unload.

What to Avoid

The temperatures in a moving truck can become extremely high during summer months. It’s a good idea to avoid leaving perishables or things that can melt inside the truck when moving in the heat. You should pack these items separately and focus on getting them inside quickly. Candles, CD’s, videos cassette tapes and various of electronic devices can all warp or melt in the high heat.

Keep it Short and Sweet

If you can manage it, unload your moving truck quickly and in one place. Placing your items in a storage unit makes the unloading process go fast so you are out in the heat less. You may find that it works better to unload everything in one central location first before separating to different rooms.
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