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Tips for Moving Your Bed Safely and Efficiently

Of all the furniture you will handle the next time you move, your bed and its mattress just might pose the biggest challenge. Both bed frames and mattresses are often large, uniquely shaped and heavy. The last thing you want to do is cause damage to your bed by handling it the wrong way during a move. Here are a few tips that will help ensure your bed arrives at you new home safe and sound and without a scratch.

1. Strip the Mattress Down

Some people think they can save some time by simply moving their mattress with some of the bedding still on. In the long run, you’re better off removing all bedding from the mattress no matter how big of a rush you are in. This will allow you to handle the mattress easier and you’ll avoid dirty or stained bedding that you’ll have to wash anyway.

2. Use a Mattress Cover

There are specially designed mattress covers that can be used when moving a mattress that will protect it from ripping or tearing as you move it. A mattress cover also makes loading the mattress onto a truck and sliding it into position much easier. Typically made of plastic, a mattress cover will help to keep your mattress clean and free of dust or bugs during the time it spends in the moving truck.

3. Transport on its Side

Mattresses tend to take up quite a bit of space in a moving truck or in a storage unit. It’s best to place the mattress on its side and against a wall. This will actually help to conserve space and keep your mattress safe. We suggest that it be one of the first things you load onto a truck or into storage.

4. Take Bed Frame Apart

For those of you who put your bedframe together on your own, you may be cringing at the idea of having to take it all apart again. You don’t necessarily have to take it completely apart. Break it down into basic pieces that will be easy to move. You may be able to get into 4 easy-to-manage pieces that can then be moved through doorways and onto a moving truck without scratches or impact.

5. Keep Hardware and Other Pieces in a Sealed Plastic Bag

When taking your bed frame apart, be sure to carefully place each and every screw, bolt or any other hardware into a plastic bag that you can seal and label. This will help ensure you bed gets back together again the right way.
For more tips on storing mattresses or bed frames, feel free to call Cactus Self Storage at 480-386-6022.

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