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Tips for Storing Antiques and Valuables

Do you have antique items or other highly valuable possessions to store? It’s important to take the extra precautions to keep these items safe and secure. Here are some tips for storing different antiques and valuables so that they stay protected and in good shape:

Old Rare Books

Believe it or not, the shelves on which books are stacked can often cause the worst damage. Be sure you keep your books on rust-free metal shelves or wood shelves that have been treated with the right varnish. It’s also a good idea to keep these books in an area that is well ventilated to prevent mold.

Clothing – Wedding Dresses

When it comes to storing clothing, elegant gowns or wedding dresses, it’s a good idea to check the label for any specific care instructions. It’s best to avoid storing clothing in plastic dry cleaning bags for an extended period of time. Look for acid-free clothing storage boxes to keep your valuable clothing in.


If you have old documents or files that you need to store, it’s best to use file cabinets or display cases. For very rare or valuable documents, it’s best to use storage solutions that are designed to be fireproof, waterproof and airtight. It’s always a good idea to keep documents flat or separated by dividers to prevent folds or bends.

Musical Instruments

Storing any type of musical instrument requires some preparation and planning. Most musical instruments are highly sensitive to extreme temperatures and should be stored in an area that is climate-controlled. Instruments made of more than one type of material, like wood and metal, will require extra protection and care.


While storing art in plastic for short periods of time is acceptable, it’s never a good idea to keep a painting in plastic for the long-term. This can trap moisture and humidity that can wreak havoc on the painting. Avoid storing artwork on concrete floors as this can cause moisture damage. Also, leaning a painting against a wall can actually damage the canvas.

Vintage Cars

We always suggest that you store your vintage or antique car in a climate-controlled unit if possible. This will help protect it from moisture and humidity that can cause rust and corrosion. Storing a vintage care inside a unit also protects it from outside dust and accidents. For long-term car storage you should speak with your mechanic and see what they recommend regarding removing the fluids in the car so that they don’t gum up over time. You may also want to consider something like a trickle charger which will help keep your batter from going flat so that it is easier to start your car when the time comes to move it.
If you have a specific valuable or antique that you need to store, give us a call. We’re happy to share our insight and advice with you. We have many different storage solutions available, including indoor, climate-controlled units. Call Cactus Self Storage at 480-386-6022.

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