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Top 5 Storage Mistakes

Having spent so many years working with people looking for self-storage solutions, we at Cactus Self Storage have picked up on a few things. We’ve not only seen some very ingenious and clever storage techniques, but we’ve also witnessed first hand some of the biggest mistakes people make when using a storage unit.
This can apply no matter what the situation, whether you are storing something long-term or short, for business or personal reasons and for both large and small units. Seeing some of these mistakes for ourselves allows us to pass some advice along to new customers. Here are the top 5 mistakes people make when it comes to storage:

1. In a Rush – No Organization

You could be simply using your storage unit to store your seasonal clothing and décor or you might be keeping your items in storage for the long haul. Either way, it’s important to take your time to plan how you will use your storage unit. Too often, we see people show up in a rush, ready to move in right now. We’re here to tell you that if you rush, you will make mistakes.
Save yourself from headaches and stress down the road by taking some time to organize your storage unit by planning on how you will use it and how often you will need to access its contents. You don’t have to spend weeks on this plan – more like an hour or two.

2. Storing Food

You wouldn’t think that this would be as common as it actually is these days. Believe it or not, we still have customers show up ready to store their food storage or items from their pantry. Even if you have the best intentions, storing food is a bad idea. It will immediately attract insects and rodents no matter how clean and sanitary the site may be.
We’re willing to give our customers the benefit of the doubt and say that most of them don’t even realize they are brining food in. It could be an old box of crackers or a candy bar that fell into the bottom of a box. Just take the time to double check so you don’t end up with a box full of insect or rodent waste… or worse!

3. Forgetting to Label

As you begin to box up your items for storage, be sure to spend a couple of bucks on items that you can use to properly label what is going into each box or tote. You may think that you will only be returning when you’re ready to unload everything from your storage unit. But we see many instances when someone will return soon after moving their possessions into a self-storage unit looking for a very specific item only to leave in pure frustration because they cannot locate the right box. Some labels would definitely make a difference. You might think labels are a waste of time and money, but someday they will prove you wrong.

4. Using Newspaper

Newspaper probably seems like the most obvious choice when it comes to wrapping material for dishes or other breakable valuables. We’ve all seen newspaper used in this way before, so why shouldn’t we use it too? Here’s the problem – newspaper can easily smudge and bleed onto the items it is wrapped around. You probably spent time cleaning your dishes before packing them. By packing them in newspaper, you are essentially forcing yourself to clean the dishes twice.
Instead, keep any eye open for ink-free wrapping paper, which can easily be found at the same place you would go to buy moving boxes and tape.

5. Skipping Insurance

There is nothing more heart wrenching than watching a customer removing their items from storage only to see that their precious possessions have been broken or damaged during the move. Most storage centers have you sign an agreement stating that they are not responsible for any losses or damages. Protect yourself by checking with your homeowner’s insurance or renter’s insurance to see if items in self-storage are covered.
If not, check with the storage facility to see what they have to offer.
Cactus Self-Storage is one of the finest storage facilities in Glendale. To learn more about what we have to offer, give us a call at 623-487-1667.

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