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5 Easy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Belongings This Year

It’s a new year—full of new possibilities, new adventures, and new memories waiting to be made. While we can only hope that the year ahead is full of good things for you and your family, it never hurts to be prepared for those not-so-great life events. And when it comes to your home and your belongings, you can never be too prepared!
As you think about your year ahead, make sure you take some time to follow these tips that we’ve come up with for safeguarding your belongings. These things are fairly quick and easy, and will give you peace of mind through the coming days.


This may sound surprising, but getting rid of the stuff that doesn’t really matter to you will help you focus on protecting the things that DO really matter to you! With less “stuff” to protect, your life will be easier and a lot less stressful. Start small: declutter a closet, cabinet, or drawer. Once you see how good it feels, you won’t be able to stop!
If you’re not quite ready to throw things away, but want them out of your house, get a storage unit to keep things safe and sound until you’re ready for them again.

Store things properly.

Make sure that your items are stored in ways that will keep them in good condition. Important papers should be kept in file folders or binders that won’t require them to fold or bend. Precious furniture (especially wood furniture) should be kept in consistently dry, temperature controlled places. Off season clothes should be kept in bins to keep out dust and moths. Taking the time to store your items properly will help ensure that they last a long time!

Set your alarm(s).

If you want a maximum security level on your home, there are plenty of options out there for home security systems. From simple alarms to fancy cameras and 24/7 monitoring, you can set up a system that is as basic—or as complex—as you want it to be! While you’re at it, make sure your smoke alarms are in good working order, and consider getting a few water alarms too; you can put these water alarms in potential flood areas (bathrooms, laundry room, etc.) and they will alert you if they get wet. Fast alerts are key when it comes to protecting your home and its contents!

Back it up.

Digital backups can be lifesavers when it comes to important documents, photographs, and other priceless items. Damage to your computer or other electronic devices can be devastating. Make sure that you have digital backups of computer files so that you can access them in case of an emergency.

Use off-site storage.

We said it above, but we’ll say it again: a storage unit can be a big help when it comes to protecting your valuables. Whether it’s antique furniture that you simply don’t have room for, those hundreds of photographs that you haven’t gotten around to scanning, or all those baby clothes that you can’t seem to part with just yet, a self-storage unit is the perfect option for keeping these things safe and secure. With various options in terms of unit size and climate-controls, you’re sure to find a storage unit that meets your unique needs.
A few simple steps can make a big difference in protecting your home, valuables, and peace of mind. Make a resolution to protect what is precious to you this year!
If you’re looking for a great self-storage solution in the Phoenix area, look no further than AZ Mini Storage in Phoenix. With affordable units and the best customer service in the Valley, we’ll help you protect and store your possessions for years to come! Contact us online today, or give us a call at 480-386-6022. We look forward to serving you!

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