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Finding Storage Space in Your Home: 3 Places You Need to Look

“Not enough storage” is a common complaint about a house. Whether it’s the number of cabinets in the kitchen, the small closets in the bedrooms, or the teeny tiny attic, it can be hard to find enough storage for keeping all your belongings accessible, but out of the way.
We’ve taken a good look at the storage possibilities in our homes and have come up with 3 great storage areas you might not be utilizing to their fullest potential. Take a look and see if you could use any of these spaces to help your home feel a little more roomy.

Under the bed.

There is a lot of space under beds, and the best part is—it’s all hidden! This means that you don’t have to find pretty storage solutions for your items and can focus instead on practicality. There are plenty of options for under-bed storage boxes that can hold off-season clothing, wrapping paper, shoes, canned goods, and more.
That being said, try to avoid the mistake of just shoving things under the bed when you can’t find another place for them. Make sure they are put in boxes, airtight bags, or other containers before you let them disappear under the bed.
Also, if you need a bit more room and your bed will accommodate this option, look into bed risers. These will lift your bed up by the legs so that you can keep even more things in this convenient space.

In the pantry.

If your home has a separate pantry, you might not be utilizing that space to its fullest potential. Many pantries have shelves that are much too high to store items that you regularly use, but they could be used for obscure small appliances, off-season accessories, sports gear, and more.
Again, use the wide variety of storage boxes available to your advantage. Find boxes that fit well in your space and fill them up with items that don’t currently have a home. Make sure you have a small stepstool or ladder available for when the time comes to bring those boxes down from the top shelf.

On the walls.

If your home has a lot of open space, you can use that space to help you with storage! In your closet, hang hooks that hold hats and accessories. In the hallway, find a way to hang coats and backpacks.
If hooks aren’t really your thing, use your open space to add shelving units to your home. Whether floating shelves or traditional bookcases, shelves can hold odds and ends, but they can also hold baskets—which can in turn hold larger items like blankets and toys.
No matter how much storage you think you have (or don’t have) in your home, there is always a way to make it work better for you. If you find yourself consistently low on storage space, consider finding a rental storage unit to keep some of your belongings out of your way until you really need them. Storage units are available in a variety of sizes, and they are safe, convenient options for adding a little storage space to your life! Contact Cactus Self Storage in Glendale, AZ to find a storage center near you today!

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