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How to Get More Organized for the New Year

“Get more organized.” It’s something we all wish we could do, and it’s the subject of many New Year’s Resolutions. But is it an impossible dream? How can you really get your home more organized for the new year (and hopefully for years to come)? We’ve come up with a few suggestions to help you out.

Focus on Problem Areas

What are the spots in your home that seem to be constantly cluttered, messy, or disorganized? Start by identifying these, and be specific. Is it a certain section of your kitchen counter? A single shelf on your bookshelf? A closet, or a drawer? Make a list of all these problem areas in your house, and then prioritize them. This will help you get the most important areas done first, which will help motivate you to do the rest.

Clear The Space

Take everything (yes, everything) out of the space. Start with a completely clean slate. Envision what you want the space to look like. Is there room for more organizational products, like extra drawers, boxes, or shelves? You are creating your dream space here; put together something you really love!

Throw Out The Junk

Go through all the items you removed from the space and immediately throw away anything and everything you don’t need, use, or want. Be as brutal as possible. Do you have a digital copy of that bill (or could you get one)? How long has it really been since you wore that sweater? Did you even like that book enough to keep it? Be honest with yourself. The truth is, it’s these unnecessary objects that are making you feel cluttered and unorganized. Get rid of as much as possible!

Get a Storage Unit

Many of us have things that we don’t really want to throw away, but don’t have an immediate use for. For those things, a storage unit is the perfect solution. Storage units are easily accessed, affordable, and secure ways to store anything that you won’t need for a few months (or years). By using your storage unit, you can clear your home of a lot of unnecessary clutter, which will make your home feel much more organized!

Shop for Organizational Tools

Don’t go overboard, but you’ll probably find yourself wanting a few things to help organize your space. Boxes or baskets are great for keeping shelves or closets more organized. Specialized hangers (for skirts, scarves, jewelry, or other items) can do wonders for a closet. Some kind of filing system for your papers can really help you declutter that counter space where all your junk mail seems to live. Having some of these tools will really make a difference as you try to get your space looking exactly how you want it to look.

Take a Picture

Once you have the space totally organized, take a picture so you have documented evidence of what it’s supposed to look like. This will give you a reference point in case the space ever gets messed up again.

Create a System

Now that you’ve put a lot of hard work into getting your room or area organized, try to create a system that will help you keep it that way. Whether you decide to throw away junk mail as soon as you get it, spend five minutes every night tidying up your bedroom, or recommit to putting all dirty clothes in the hamper right away, having a system will make sure your space stays organized for a longer period of time.
“Getting organized” can take a while, but the end results are worth it. You may have to make a few changes to your lifestyle in order to make it happen, but following these tips will help you get there.
If you’re looking for a storage unit in the Phoenix area to help you get more organized for the new year (or whenever), try Arizona Storage Centers. With multiple locations, a variety of unit sizes, and competitive pricing, we make it easy to store your belongings securely and conveniently. Call us today at 480-386-6022.

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