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Organizing Your Pantry: 5 Easy Steps

Keeping your home neat and organized doesn’t just help your home look good—it makes your life easier. This is especially true for the “living” spaces in your home that you use every day, like your closets, your bathrooms, and your pantry.
Let’s talk about that last one. Your pantry is often the hub of your kitchen. You might access it dozens of times a day, whether you’re pulling out ingredients to cook dinner, or grabbing a quick snack. But with all the coming and going that happens in your pantry, it can be easy for it to get disorganized and cluttered quickly.
We’ve come up with five easy steps for getting your pantry organized—and keeping it that way.

1. Clear it Out

Start by pulling absolutely everything out of your pantry. As you go, throw away anything that is expired, or that you didn’t like and aren’t going to finish (it’s okay—those pickle flavored chips probably seemed like a good idea at the time). This will give you a clean slate to start with in your pantry, while getting rid of anything you don’t want anymore.

2. Clean the Shelves

Cleanliness begats cleanliness. If your space is as clean as it can be, you’ll be more inclined to do your best to keep it that way. So vacuum up any crumbs that have spilled onto the shelves. Scrub off any sticky spots or other stains that have made their way to your shelves. And give the whole space a general wipe down. If you have the time, you might want to consider lining your shelves with some kind of protective covering (shelf liner or contact paper) to make future clean up even easier.

3. Sort your Stuff

Before putting anything back in your now spotless pantry, sort through all your pantry items and try to put them in categories. What are the things you reach for everyday? What are the things you want to be absolutely sure your kids can’t reach? Is there anything that might fit better somewhere else in your home (paper goods, cleaning supplies, etc.)? If you are keeping small appliances in your pantry that you never use, try to find somewhere out of the way to keep them (a storage unit would definitely come in handy!) Sorting your things out this way will help you make your pantry a more functional space.

4. Plan it Out

Decide where each category should be placed in your pantry. Use sticky notes to label where everything will go in the pantry, you can get an idea of how it will all be laid out, and how much space you really have. Put everyday items within easy reach, and less needed items up high. Try to keep heavier items down low for easier access when you need them. This is also a good time to purchase any additional boxes, bins, or containers you want to use in your new pantry. No need to go overboard (unless you really want to!); what’s most important is that the solutions work for your space.

5. Put Back and Maintain

Putting everything back should be fairly simple now. You should be left only with what you want and need, and you should know exactly where everything goes. Once your pantry is decluttered and organized, do your best to keep it that way. Throw away foods as they expire. If your kids hate that new brand of fruit snacks you just bought, don’t let them sit in your pantry—pass them on to another family! And clean up any spills or messes immediately.
You’ll be amazed at how giving your pantry a little TLC can help your kitchen run much more smoothly, and keep you sane during your daily routine. Follow these tips to finally have the functional, clean pantry of your dreams!
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